Value proposition

Route Dynamix SMS Transit proposition is a turn-key solution designed for a quick launch of premium content services without the investments and risks related to content acquisition, platform set-up and service management.


With a single IP connection, Route Dynamix customers (SMS Providers and Enterprises) can deliver and receive SMS with all GSM and CDMA mobile operators globally as well as with their end-users, without having direct connection with each one of them.

Product features

  • Direct SS7 access to more than 600 mobile networks (no third party routing)
  • High throughput supported over 100 SMS/sec
  • Dynamic sender field and MNP Resolution supported
  • Support of SMPP, UCP and SS7 protocols
  • Customized routing
  • 24x7x365 customer care service provided by Route Dynamix

• 2-Way coverage: symmetric SMS routing with 650+ 2-way destinations for increased service control and computation of bilateral traffic statements (AA.19).

• Interstandard: interstandard capabilities through interworking amongst GSM technologies, iDEN, TDMA, CDMA, fixed and limited mobility networks.

• Seamless connectivity: no additional complexity thanks to the “Soft Interconnection” principle and seamless separation of SMS interworking from roaming traffic.

• Proprietary infrastructure: a carrier-grade SMS interworking architecture based on cluster pairs deployed in different geographical locations built on proprietary, secured and reliable global Signaling infrastructure.

• MNP & LNP support: interconnections and delivery mechanisms through GSM MAP/SS7 or SMPP/IP protocols with Mobile

• Number Portability (MNP) or Local Number Portability (LNP) support.